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Designed in Slovenia. 100% natural wood. 100% Slovenian standart

Wax foundation 20 pcs for Slovenian Beehive frames

Wax foundation 20 pcs for Slovenian Beehive frames

The first stage/phase - Wax melting and sterilisation: Wax foundation sheets are made from a 100% pure natural wax o n l y! Such a wax is being buried-in from the beekeepers or acquired by exchange for foundation sheets. A quality of buried-in and exchanged wax is always checked. Impure wax never taken in. Raw material/wax is loaded to the sterilisation tank.

Wax is heated up to 120 °C, is melted and boiled until all water contained therein has been evaporated. Note, that just melted wax could contain even 7–8% of water, older one contains – 1–3%. Then the temperature rises up to 140 °C and commences wax sterilisation process. At this high temperature all bee pathogens, particularly viruses, contained therein, die.

Sterilised wax slowly being cooled down to 72–80 °C. While cooling is in progress, precipitation, dust and other impurities settle down and later being taken away. Next stage - forming/embossing wax foundations: Water-cooled drum, partially submerged in the hot liquid wax bath, slowly rotates while it's surface forms a thin wax sash, later being separated, cooled down in the water and coiled in rolls. Passing drum's formation, wax sash is directed to the embossing rollers. Embossing roller makes honeycomb foundation prints, resembling the worker bee brood cell pattern on the sach. Then we have to cut the sash into separate comb foundation sheets. Especially in spring, the bees use wax excess in building their honeycombs doing this considerably faster. One kilogram of thicker foundation sheets contains 10 pcs. Final stage - packaging of foundation sheets: Cut into sheets, and wax foundations are being weighed and packed for 20 PCS.

  • Dimensions:

    38,4 cm x 22,6 cm


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