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Designed in Slovenia. 100% natural wood. 100% Slovenian standart

Straw Bee Skep, Traditional bee skep

Straw Bee Skep, Traditional bee skep

Straw bee skeps have long been a recognisable symbol of beekeeping the world over. Since the Middle Ages when they were used as rudimentary hives, the bee skep has endured as the beekeeper's unofficial logo. Their wonderful domed profile and the considerable craft skill used to make them from coiled wheat straw has made them a cherished part of our rural heritage.


Bee skeps are seldom used as beehives these days as they need to inspect colonies for disease has made them impractical, but they are still popular baskets for collecting swarms. The straw provides a good surface onto which bees can quickly cluster, making it easy for them to surround their queen and for the beekeeper to relocate the swarm.


The wonderful domed shape has also made bee skeps popular today to decorate interiors and cottage gardens. If left outside, however, they need to be covered or positioned in a bee bole in a wall as these skeps are made entirely of wheat straw.

  • Dimensions:

    Approximate height 37 cm/14,5inch

    diameter 40cm/15inch

    weight 1.7kg/3.75lb


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