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Designed in Slovenia. 100% natural wood. 100% Slovenian standart

Langstroth Slovenian AZ beehive 20-frames, 2 story with 1- feeder

Langstroth Slovenian AZ beehive 20-frames, 2 story with 1- feeder

This newly designed and manufactured hive allows all users of Langstroth size frames to have the advantages of the well known Slovenian AZ hive. This means that in many parts of the world beekeepers will be able to house their colonies in hives where the lifting of heavy boxes can become a thing of the past and where the bees can be examined at a convenient height without bending.  Additionally, the hives are ideal for keeping bees in shelters or bee houses where extra protection can be given to them. This means that on opening a hive, less heat is likely to escape from the colony, the bees are exposed to less direct sunlight and shielded from cold winds. Indeed, almost under any weather conditions, the colonies can be worked despite the weather, which is extremely important when time-related examinations need to be done as in the cases of swarm prevention and queen rearing. Many colonies can be kept side by side, or on two levels, enabling beekeepers to have a large apiary within a very small space. The hives also give greater security to colonies than those free-standing in an apiary.

Until recently, beekeepers wishing to keep their bees in Slovenian hives had the problem of trying to transfer colonies from frames of other sizes or await a swarm. The creation of this modified  Slovenian A-Z hive makes its use more easy for those who wish to make the change. 

The Langstroth Slovenian AZ Hive comprises three sections, each one holding 10 standard Langstroth frames. In height, it is about 9 cm shorter than the Slovenian AZ hive. Whereas the Slovenian hive has frames without lugs and has metal spacers attached to the front and back parts of the hive for spacing the frames correctly, the self-spacing Hoffman-type frames only need one spacer, at each level, above the hive entrances inside the front. The bottom of the frames rest on two horizontal rods minimising any contact and allowing the frames to be easily withdrawn and replaced.

A metal grill queen excluder is provided which can be placed beneath the second or third level, and below the bottom set of frames, there is a tray which can be removed so that a varroa trap can be utilised.
Each of the sections has a removable, mesh screen at the back, two of which also incorporate a feeder. The bees can be fed without disturbing the bees in any way.
Whilst each level has an entrance; each can be closed or left open according to the strength of the colony and the weather conditions.

The main body of the hive is made in strong pine; the back door closes to darken the hive and to keep in the heat, though two hinged portions - one at the top and the other at the bottom, can be opened for extra ventilation should it be needed.

The bottom hive entrance has a hinged, partly mesh alighting board, which can be closed and allows ventilation should the colony need to be moved. The other two openings can be closed with entrance blocks.

Slovenian Hives have a long and proud history. They have been tested over the years in harsh alpine areas and their distinctive design, as well as their well known decorated hive fronts, remain an important part of not only Slovenian beekeeping but also the traditional culture of the region.

  • Dimensions:

    Height 625 mm
    Width 415 mm
    Depth 620 mm

    Weight 26 kg


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